Friday, 19 August 2011

Dungeon Date

Mousie and I were looking for something to do, so we decided it was time to dive into a random dungeon; and this time we chose the Vloxen Excavations.

We had a great time traversing the depths; finding the master gears and placing them into gearboxes to open doors reminded me of the Sorrow's Furnace. I picked up a "Golden Machete", at which point I had to ask Mousie if that was like the Golden Gun of swords. So anyway, up until the final boss it was a routine and fun experience; I particularly enjoyed an ironic Summit Sage defeat; he was attempting to heal himself with Ether Feast, and was killed by a tasty Mistrust; thank you, Gwen!

We got to Zoldark and right off the bat he seemed rather weak. That is, until he used a bunch of skills making his minions into rapid attacking, life stealing, health regenerating terrors who tore us to pieces. After a fierce battle (and a few trips limping back from the res shrine), we managed to drop him to half his HP; at which point he vanished. Poof, hey presto, alakazam gone! I was surprised and confused about that; perhaps one of his skills which supplied him with extra health was temporary, and it had ended; still, there was no death animation, he just completely vanished, along with his pets. Still, we were happy, because that meant looting the chest! Mousie got a Cyclopian Wand and a Diamond, and I a Divine Staff and Onyx Gemstone. Fairly mundane loot, but we had plenty of fun getting there!

Happy adventures to you all!

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