Wednesday, 17 August 2011

You Look Mahvelous!

GamesCom 2011 has been going strong today and I came across some GW2 videos posted by AeronwenTrewent that are well worth a look. The videos show the Norn, Charr and Sylvari through the character creation process from start to finish and boy, what a lot of customization to be had! After race, gender and class, the screen goes to Body Features. You can then choose your height. Physique comes next, but this was disabled for the demos.

The next feature is fur for Charr and tattoos for Norn. The videos seemed to show about 14 styles of fur and 9 different tattoos for the Norn. While the video didn't show each one, they seem to be pretty different from one another.

Hair styles follows with 10 choices for Norn, 8 for Sylvari and 8 for Charr. Yes, Charr do style their hair! The choices in color seem endless and various combos can be made with head hair and facial hair.

After Hair comes Faces and Skin color with more than 20 available tones for the Sylvari and a good number for the Norn as well. The Sylvari video also showed ear choices! The Facial Detail tab was not available for the demos, but I'm willing to bet there will be a wide variety to that also.

One thing I really liked in GW1 was the dye system and this has been carried over to GW2 with even more variety. Three areas of each piece of clothing to dye with 24 colors to choose from for each piece make your character's clothes your own. No more looking like all the others! The ability to hide or show your headpiece has been included, yay!

The last thing is your character's story. Sentences are shown with a word to be filled in. Each race has different ones and the choices you make to fill in the blanks determines your character's "back story".

Character customization is something I always look for, and complain about if it's lacking, in games. These videos are really exciting and show just how much ArenaNet cares about players' feelings of uniqueness and variation. Kudos, Anet! Well done.

AeronwenTrewent's YouTube Channel

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