Saturday, 13 August 2011


After many (nowhere near as many as we thought) hours of battling Bandits, Grawl and Charrsies, Mousie and I made Legendary Defender of Ascalon! It's quite exciting to be level 20 in the pre-searing, and we couldn't be happier to have made it there. Honestly we figured it would take months, but with careful fighting and farming, as well as daily quests, we did it in no time!

If anyone is interested in advice on how to do this effectively and efficiently, we do have a few tips. First of all, avoid the "Hunt 6 of X" daily quests unless you know your maps very, very well, because you may spend a long time searching for the last X. Also, make sure to utilize the full potential of the Farmer Hamnet quest as a repeatable, simple farm for exp. It's easier to do for the first two levels of each "tier", by which I mean when you hit a certain level, your enemies gain levels and become tougher.


That table puts it better. from 10-13, your enemies are level 8, and so on; so we used Farmer Hamnet to gain the first two levels of each tier, then did daily quests to gain the rest. Once we hit level 19, we went mad on the pre-sear quest lines, and did practically every quest we could find to gain roughly three quarters of the level to 20; then finally, we dropped Utini WupWup and turned in the quest to hit 20!

Below is a picture of the farmer hamnet farm; simply, leave foibles fair and head to the res shrine; the academy monk will heal you while you attack the two nearby bandits. kill them, rezone, repeat. It's easy, fast, simple and great exp; much faster if you use the Fire Imp summoning stone too (which I forgot to use for an entire level!)

Good luck to all of you trying for Legendary Defender of Ascalon and happy trails!

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