Thursday, 23 June 2011

Plants vs. Heroes

After 5 years+ of playing GW, Bear and I finally decided to take on Urgoz's Warren. Could it be done with just the two of us and 10 heroes/mercenaries? We were about to find out. Our first attempt was disappointing. We got through every room relatively easily only to get to Urgoz and not be able to kill him. Disheartened, we took another look at our builds and tweaked them just a bit to include more degen and EoE bomb. That did the trick! The rooms were even easier and Urgoz went down in less than 10 minutes. Very exciting to finally have that trophy in the HoM!

Sunday, 19 June 2011

How Very Charrming

I was so excited when Anet announced the 6th anniversary birthday presents: the tonics! I have a charr themed (and aptly named) character, who is now the proud owner of the Pyre Fierceshot everlasting tonic. Whenever Mad Mouse and I set about on our adventures, a simple double click and I can unleash my charrming self in all my furry glory.

However, since we can use these tonics in any zone or town, it would be so much more convenient if Anet could supply us with an allotted slot on our character where we can simply drag the tonic, and have it automatically activate for us when it's able. Similar to how we have the costume slots now; we can turn them on or off at will and have them easy to use and readly available in our inventory. (Not to mention the fact that it saves us a spot in our bags, too, and we always need space!)

For your enjoyment here I am all Charred and ready for action!

Charrming, right?

Guild Wars RTS Spinoff

I was recently in Pre-Searing, and looking down on the never-ending battle below, between the human forces and the Charr.

It got me to thinking that it might actually make an exciting RTS spinoff of Guild Wars! You could see it all in the picture. You had your melee units, the guardsmen, then the longbow wielding rangers, and your healer units the academy monks. The Charr enemies had fire elementalists and warriors, and of course some rangers of their own.

After watching the battle for a while I started to imagine it as an RTS and I found the prospect incredibly exciting! It's not unheard of, either. Anyone familiar with Two Worlds 2, the popular RPG, will know about their RTS spinoff called Castle Defense.

Can you imagine commanding the armies of Tyria?

Friday, 17 June 2011


Hello everyone! I am Bullet Bear, and together with my partner Mad Mouse we will bring you our Guild Wars related adventures.

We're incredibly excited for the upcoming release of Guild Wars 2 and looking forward to sharing our adventures, trials, loot and experiences with you (and don't forget the Dwarven Ale!).

On behalf of both of us, welcome to the Sylvari Scribbles, and you'll hear more from us soon!