Sunday, 19 June 2011

Guild Wars RTS Spinoff

I was recently in Pre-Searing, and looking down on the never-ending battle below, between the human forces and the Charr.

It got me to thinking that it might actually make an exciting RTS spinoff of Guild Wars! You could see it all in the picture. You had your melee units, the guardsmen, then the longbow wielding rangers, and your healer units the academy monks. The Charr enemies had fire elementalists and warriors, and of course some rangers of their own.

After watching the battle for a while I started to imagine it as an RTS and I found the prospect incredibly exciting! It's not unheard of, either. Anyone familiar with Two Worlds 2, the popular RPG, will know about their RTS spinoff called Castle Defense.

Can you imagine commanding the armies of Tyria?

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  1. I'm actually working on it. I got this idea the same way! :D