Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Guild Wars Apocalypse

Completely by accident, it would seem, Anet gave us an amazing and spectacular event within Guild Wars. They added a new "Flux" (global PVP modifier) called Minion Apocalypse; any time a player dies, all nearby creatures take 50 damage and a level 20 masterless bone horror would be spawned. Now, couple that with Dhuum, who likes to show up and ban botters... well, it was only a matter of time before the inevitable zombie apocalypse. Dhuum showed up at the Random Arenas and swung his scythe, slaying and banning the cheater; and from his corpse rose a bone horror! With all the people who go AFK at the random arena, wearing their nice squishy cloth armour, you can guess what happened next. The minion whacks away at one of them, they die and another spawns...and so on. Until we have a situation like this:

This was definitely a lot of fun, and I absolutely hope that Anet considers bringing this back for Halloween. Imagine the Mad King Thorn doing this? The entire of Lion's Arch dominated by a thousand bone horrors, chewing their way through all of his fans? Yes please!

If you wish to see a video of the bone horrors going to town on the Jade Quarry, Relyk has posted one here:

See you all soon when the Mad King comes to call!

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